F.A.Q.'s under Construction .... The idea is to post those aggreement answers that we all forget but always need to know also . how does this work or that work in the union. Anything that seems to be a important piece of knowledge will be posted here !
Got a Question email it to the L/R or L/C or President or all of us .  Follow up with more emails make sure we answer your questions. there will be times it takes a few days but by doing this We will help others have the same ?'s and less Gossip and Less Lies will be circulated.  Let Your Heart not be troubled .....

Can I trade with a Vacation Turn ?

Trades must be either made between a rested live body or a vacation turn that is over one week in length . not single vacation days , but a week or longer .

Can a vacation turn trade turns with me ?

NO !!! Only live turns can initiate a trade !

Where can I go to find the agreement on hold downs ?

Art VIII of the 2004 agreement modifications

If I want to Trade Turns ...Can I call anyone ?

no You must call The BLET Chairman or Someone acting in his place .

How many trades do I get a year ?

2 initiated by you ...by other people no limit !

Where are trades spelled out in the agreement ?

2. (h). (1997 Modification Agreement Article V Item E) Assigned pool freight
engineers will be allowed to trade pool turn positions with other engineers in
the same pool subject to the following conditions:
1. The BLE Local Chairman or their designated representative
shall submit the request to Carrier's CMS on behalf of the
engineers wishing to exchange pool turns.

2. Both engineers shall be at their home terminal when the
Deleted: 2
Article 32
Page 142 of 220
request is made in order to avoid any disruptions to the
operation of the pool. However, an exchange may be made
where one engineer is on vacation provided the vacation turn is
vacant or concurrence is reached with the engineer
temporarily assigned.
3. A trade may be made at any time up to call time provided
the engineer who must accept the call is rested and available. A
engineer may initiate only two trades per year.

4. No time claims involving runarounds or other penalties
arising out of the trading/exchanging of turns under these
provisions shall be progressed by or in behalf of any employee.
5. It is the intent of the parties that engineers will limit the use of these
provisions to those situations in which they would otherwise have no choice
and would be required to miss their turn.

How many starts do I need to Qualify for P.L. days ?

180 starts

How much mileage do I need to acrue to Qualify for Vacation ?

24000 miles .

If I'm an engineer on the board and layoff on call , do I lose just a day or can I be docked for more ?

You should try to layoff if needed before your call . Missing your call is the same as laying off on call . Below is the agreement on the subject :

Article 12
Page 60 of 220
(1997 Modification Agreement Attachment A)

xtra engineers laying off on call, missing call or not available for call will have their guarantee reduced by the amount they would have earned had they not laid off on call or missed call with a minimum of a guaranteed day reduction.

Can Engineers belong to the Safety Committee ?

No By doing so they  break the 1996 agreement . under peer training.

Why is it that one engineer is doing it now ?

That is a good question but rest assured it is in the process of being handled .

Do Union officers get paid when they lay off Union Business ?

No There are some paid positions in the union . But they are salary positions . There were three paid positions but currently there are only two . L/U is the same as L/S just not held against that employees work record but will take a hit if on a guarantee board or TPA position .

What is The Deal with the Hotel Situation ? Can't We just pick a nicer one and move ?

No There are procedures involved.

1. There has to be Good Reason to change ....Complaints and health risks. Valid complaints move to second step .

2. Company will Research and Investigate. If problems can be rectified they consider situation handled. If not Then the Third Step.

3. Company will submit a list of hotels . A better hotel may not be on the list . At this point it is to late ....Were moving to one on the list .

4. Local Chairmen inspect Hotel for compliance with the agreement . They are given a check list to go over .

5. There recommendations are submitted and then The company Chooses the Hotel .

If there are issues You have with any of the hotels please give them to the L/R Ryan Snow to address with the hotel management .  If People insist on moving it must be a majority rule Situation , What We have May be Alot better than What We may get !

Some one took a few days vacation , Can I take A hold Down ?

NO on vacations lasting a week or longer an immediate hold down is allowed. Remember Seniority Rules .

Any other situations laid off lp ls lu lv pl etc after midnight on the fourth day . So turn available Monday If the turn is still available Laid off solid after midnight Thursday You can take a hold down

Can I be forced to a new turn ?

If your the Junior Man on the Extra Board and no one has a standing app You Can Be forced by the company to the Pool turn Vacancy .

What about a new job like one of the Potato Jobs ?

Has to be up for bid for 7 days Before anyone is forced .